The Main Features

Just like many other platforms, the Hive offers the structure for various use cases. With one difference: You take control of the content that people around you create based on/tailored to your personal interests.

The Full Story
Not just single articles

Our Hive structure allows users to connect media content of any kind. Understanding a topic does not end with the first article; it is expanded by access to multiple associated articles that each unveil parts of what is truly happening. The graphical Hivenode display grants you an outstanding overview of any topic with a single click.

Mutable Objects
On an Immutable Blockchain

Enabled by the Run framework, all our Hives and Hivenodes (aka media content) are mutable objects and financially incentivized to interact with one another. Over time, nodes become more connected and thereby increasingly important for the content network.

Enable Content Creation
Tipps for those connecting

After posting some genuinely interesting content to provide some insights on previous articles, people can donate or pay a fraction of a cent with every click. With our protocol, everyone profits from being connected, by distributing monetary value based on the extent of mesh connection - a mechanism that makes it lucrative to develop and expand one’s greatest ideas.

power of Blockchain

Context Matters

Since our daily news consumption is often unrelated, we lose depth and detail in our understanding of these topics. With Hive, we not only make news interconnected again, but we create entropy, and (thus) knowledge.

While we embrace connections, we also value specificity. Everyone can create and fund a new Hive with the topic and description of one's choosing. Therefore we create local spaces for local connections. Ever wanted to gather all information about a specific movie or book? Do it!

With Hive, we therefore collaboratively create networks of information that might significantly benefit those investigating the topics more deeply, compared to the endless outside perspectives.

Global Collaboration

A Timeless Endavour

Our aim is to facilitate hundreds of Hives with millions of nodes fetched by various Apps and Platforms that all collaboratively create an ever-expanding network of context and knowledge.

While traditional communities form and fade, the immutable Blockchain ensures that our Hive communities become timeless. No matter where and when you decide to contribute content to the Hive meshes, your contribution will be seen and valued.

Seamless Integration

The Platform

Due to the nature of microtransactions on our platform, each user has their own wallet on Hive. The Hive wallet keys are created client-side and stored on the security hardened Google Firebase Realtime Database.

We have ensured a seamless integration and sense of accomplishment with every earned Satoshi. To facilitate the growth of your own Hive, or connections to your content of interest within the Hive, you can (in later versions) automatically distribute funds to those creating content around you

The Hive system rewards you for helping others and provides you with the funds to direct the content discovery in the direction of your liking.


Development Timeline


All The Details

Explore Hive's technical implementation and how we create and update elements in OO methodology directly onChain.